my picI’m Clark Stoller and am glad you stopped by today!

I’m just a common guy, called by God, to care for the people around me.

I’ve served in ministry positions in Indiana and Michigan for a couple decades now. Most of these positions have been in small, country churches.

I am currently the senior pastor of Living Water United Church & also help out at a local funeral home as well as the YMCA.

I’ve been married for… a long time 🙂
& blessed with three sons along the way.


My purpose is to hopefully encourage you in your walk with Christ,
& be encouraged by you as we live out our faith together.




…Loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength

…Loving our neighbors as ourselves


…Being a disciple, always learning, and discipling others along the way


…Living out our faith through acts of service.